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Blue Willow Farm at Blatchley Landing

An Organic Farm, Garden, Equestrian Estate & Home of Georgia Poodle Rescue

Exclusive Dog Boarding & Training!

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We are open!!!

We also offer Customized Dog Training to the public as space allows as we are a very small business.  This training can be held here while your dog boards with us or at your location.  Training is a package deal where both your dog and you are trained to understand each other.

Dogs love the sights, sounds, and scents of a farm, garden and equestrian estate!  Think of all the deserving experiences you will be giving your dogs when they board here!  ……and the unique and rare photo opportunities to cherish for years to come where you can proudly display the photos in your homes and share with your friends!

What a treat for both you and your dogs!

We are an exclusive, small and limited entry, personalized 25-kennel dog boarding facility on an organic farm, garden, and equestrian estate, right here in Milton (Alpharetta), Georgia!  Here, your dog will be allowed to run and play in this beautiful “organic” environment in the open air and feel the sun on their faces on a sunny day (they need the sun’s vitamin D for their health and to make other nutrients in their bodies work), feel the grass under their feet, breathe fresh air and be stimulated by the sights, sounds, and scents of our organic farm, garden, and equestrian estate.  We want you to bring your own cooked, raw, or packaged food to avoid digestive upset in your dog from a sudden change in food.  Especially important is your peace of mind in knowing that we are right here with your dogs overnight should your dogs need us.  We do not go home and leave your dogs alone overnight as many other facilities do because we already live right here with the dogs!  The kennel is not a separate building far away on the property but is about 30 feet from the house………so your pets are very close to us.


Daily Dog Boarding Rates

-$35 per night per dog

-People who have adopted  rescue dogs from Georgia Poodle Rescue will receive a  boarding discount for the adopted dogs and all other owned dogs of that immediate family for the life of the adopted rescue dogs.  Boarding your dogs with us helps pay for the expenses of the Georgia Poodle Rescue dogs, including their food, utilities, maintenance  and vet bills!  Since we are a very small business with very limited space, if you haven’t boarded here before, we do need a referral from someone we know so we can verify and vet you and your dog for approval, as we and the dogs want to continue enjoying a  friendly, honest, and stress free  environment.

Long-Term Dog Boarding Rates

Special rates will be provided for long-term boarding, including long-term boarders owned by military and government personnel.

Pick Up/Drop Off Service

Many people enjoy the convenience of our pick-up and drop-off service, which can be done in the early evening,  There will be a minimum $25 fee for locations within a 20-mile one-way radius.  $1 extra per mile is applied for additional mileage outside the 20-mile radius.

Photo Opportunities

For an additional cost, there will also be photo opportunities.  Your boarding with us helps feed and pay for expenses for the animals at Georgia Poodle Rescue.  The beautiful scenery includes a manicured rose garden with clipped boxwood, beautiful catawba purple and deep red crape myrtles, a small fruit tree orchard with apple and fig trees, a unique small grape vineyard trained to grow upwards over a large 10-foot black metal obelisk arbor structure enveloping a five sided wood well house, exotic and rare polish and french and/or other chickens and roosters, seasonal herb gardens, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, uniquely manicured evergreens, several paddocks/pastures, an old barn and a new barn, and three different-colored horses:  two registered mares with famous blood lines (palomino (blonde) and silver grullo (rare silver color with a dark mane/tail having white streaks throughout the hair), and one handsome rescued dark bay gelding.


When you board your dog(s) with us, you will have peace of mind and you will be serving two causes!  You are helping your dog(s) live a healthier lifestyle, have a fun boarding experience, and have needed exercise of the mind and the body, and you are helping to feed and care for the rescue animals at Georgia Poodle Rescue  ( .  For additional information on boarding with us, please send us an email at along with the contact information if the person who referred you, who we must know, so we can verify and/or approve you and your dog and send you an application.   We are also able to train your dog(s) or give your dog(s) refresher training while they are boarding with us………so when you pick them up, they will have had their own fun vacation on our farm AND be more behaved!   Refresher training is free for the adopters who have adopted dogs from Georgia Poodle Rescue.


You tell us what you want!  We are able to train your dogs in basic obedience and/or certain behavioral aspects while they are being boarded here.    We can train your dogs in the commands you want in any language you want!


Testimonial:  “………….I am contacting you on behalf of Desperado, my *australian kelpie rescue* who I
am trying to find a new home for. I understand you work with poodles and poodle mixes [and train most breeds], but I heard about you from a coworker who said you helped him with his poodle [not adopted from you] after it became aggressive towards his daughter and he said you were very helpful and suggested I contact you, if only on a long-shot.”    H. Martin, Atlanta, GA

People who have adopted from Georgia Poodle Rescue and who board their dogs with us receive a boarding discount and free refresher training if wanted, while their dogs board with us.


After being in corporate america for 25.5 years, the owner of this unique estate decided to pursue her dream of having an organic farm to help animals and people and to teach them how to live a healthier lifestyle, teach them how to do this more economically, especially in today’s economy, and put people in touch with each other who share similar philosophies for themselves and their pets.

People who have adopted dogs from Georgia Poodle Rescue will receive discounted boarding for the life of their adopted dogs (these dogs are already familiar with running and having fun here) as well as the other dogs they own.

Please email us with your referral contact information to  No pictures or recordings of any kind may be taken or used in any way without the express written permission of the owner.  Permission needed to use photos/recordings publicly.  All photos and/or recordings  are copyrighted at any and all times and dates and are the property of the owner of Blue Willow Farm without that express written permission.

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About The Author

Deb Blatchley is President of Blue Willow Farm, LLC dba The Kennels at Blue Willow Farm, Animal Health Solutions LLC, Pet Taxi Services LLC and Georgia Poodle Club Incorporated dba Georgia Poodle Rescue. She is a highly educated, well-rounded, ecclectic, beautiful, and fun-loving individual with 25+ years of vast experience in animal and human nutrition, corporate america (College Recruiting, Law, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, IT, Finance, Treasury working with the SEC, Pricing, Communications, Government, including working with the FBI and other governmental and presidential agencies on highly confidential and sensitive information), interior design, small business development and expansion, gardening, is an author, photographer and has her BS, MBA, PhDABD, was the first AACP certified paralegal in the state of Georgia and more. For further information, please visit her profile at

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